XLamp XP-G Power LED from Cree

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Optimized for high lumen directional lighting applications, the XLamp XP-G LED set a new standard for light output and efficacy in a small form factor LED.

345 lumens at 1 A. High light output and efficacy in single-die LED. Typical efficacy up to 132 lm/W

XLamp XP-G Power LED from Cree

XLamp XP-G Power LED from Cree

Some Characteristics

  • Viewing angle (FWHM) …. 125 degrees
  • Temperature coefficient of voltage … -2.1 mV/°C
  • DC forward current …1000 mA
  • Reverse voltage .. 5V
  • Forward voltage (@ 350 mA) … 3.0V Typical
  • Forward voltage (@ 1000 mA) … 3.3V Typical

LED Chips and Lighting from Cree

“Cree LEDs combine highly efficient InGaN materials with proprietary substrates to deliver superior price/performance for high-intensity LEDs….”

Product line include lighting-class LEDs, LED lighting Solutions. They also have semiconductors for wireless and power applications.

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