Duracap – Inductuners and Capacitors

North American Capacitor Company manufacturing Mallory aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Duracap – Inductuners and Capacitors

“Polar and nonpolar aluminum electrolytic capacitors ranging up to 1.5 Farads and up to 500 VDC in sizes from 3/4″ diameter to 3.5″ diameter and 9” long.

Mallory line of potentiometers, rheostats and attenuators.Mallory wirewound variable resistance products

From Components and Materials – Industrial Electronics and Instruments


“Mechanically tuned variable inductors for VHF and UHF applications. They are made in up to 8-gang configurations and are tuned using a common rotary shaft moving contacts along single turn or or spiral silver coils.”

DuraCap International Inc
P.O. Box 1579, Woodstock, Ontario, N4S 0A7, Canada

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